Be the voice for my daughter and her humanitarian concerns: Jailed human rights activist’s father

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Atena Daemi’s father, calling upon people of the world for help: Be the voice of my daughter and her humanitarian concerns.

Hossein Daemi wrote on his Instagram page:

"I, Atena’s father, call upon all peaceful and truth-seeking people of the world to be my daughter's voice; a girl whose crime is her kind and gentle heart; a heart that does not hesitate to love, to patronage child labors and the people of Kobani as well as our imprisoned Sunni fellow-countrymen. 

Oh, fighting to abolishing the death sentence is my daughter's only crime. 

Could anyone even believe it? Taking my 26-year-old daughter from my tuck, sentencing her to 14 years imprisonment, locking her in solitary confinement, with atrocity, beating her and decree her to exile, could anyone even believe it? Hurting her beyond imagination which forced her to go on hunger strike to protect her family, could anyone even believe it?

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من پدر آتنا دائمی ازهمه مردم صلح جووحق طلب دنیا می خواهم که صدای دختر من باشند ، دختری که جرمش قلب مهربونشه قلبی که برای عشق ورزیدن مرزی نمی شناسه . حمایت از کودکان کار تا مردم کوبانی،تاهم وطنان سنی مذهب زندانی ،جرم دختر من تلاش برای لغو حکم اعدام است .کسی باورش میشود؟ دختر 26 ساله منوببرن 14 سال بهش حکم بدند بندازن انفرادی کتکش بزنند.تبعیدش کنند ؟ آنقدر آزارش بدهند که برای حمایت از خانواده دست به اعتصاب غذا بزند ؟ تو سه سال گذشته این پنجمین باره که برای فشار به آتنای من با اتهامات واهی برایش پرونده سازی میکنند .چرا یه دختر باید به خاطر دغدغه های انسانیش اینقدر مورد غضب قرار بگیرد ؟ دختر من قبل از بازداشت سالم بود الان یه عضو سالم تو بدنش نمانده . من از همه مردم ایران ودنیا وسازمانهای بین المللی میخوام که صدای دختر من و دغدغه های انسانیش باشند ، درود بر انسانیت #

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In the past three years, this is the fifth time they put judicial cases on her based on elusive accusations to force her to bear a burden. Why should so much rage be upon a girl because of having humanitarian concerns?

My daughter was healthy at all means before being arrested. Now she is suffering from multiple injuries and anatomical malfunctions. 

I want all the people of Iran, the world and international organizations to be my daughter’s voice and her humanitarian concerns.

Hail humanity.

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