The Six most Unbelievable Comments Made by People During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Written By: Digvijay Kothari


Today we have millions of people struggling for their lives globally. We are glued to the news, eagerly waiting to find out what’s going on, hoping and praying for a miracle to happen.

People have many notions in their head about the present outbreak, so I decided to pen down some of the most shocking and inhumane responses to it during an interview session I had with participants aged 20-42, this was an attempt to understand how they are coping with COVID-19 but the responses were rather upsetting.

I was flabbergasted to hear some of the responses. It seemed as though that they truly did not understand the morbidity of their comments and how selfish and self-centered they sounded. 

Here are a few of their comments along with conspiracies, hoaxes, and myths that are now causing hate crimes, vandalism and discrimination worldwide.

 The Chinese are spreading the Virus

China has been quite unfortunate when it comes to deadly outbreaks like SAR-CoV, bird flu and now COVID 19, due to their relatively large population. But this does not give anyone the right to racially discriminate, harass and physically assault the Chinese and anyone who looks Chinese. This xenophobic reaction to the current situation is only causing more harm than good. 

World leaders taunting China too like the US President Donald Trump calling the Virus ‘The Chinese Virus’, is not only wrong it is also an extremely racist comment against an entire nation and anyone of Chinese origin. The United States is home to over 3.8 million people of Chinese origin and it is these innocent Americans facing the wrath of all these hate crimes, the xenophobia such comments leads to is only makes the communities we live in unsafe for innocent people whose only fault is that they are Asians.

5G Towers are Spreading the Virus

When I read about this conspiracy theory about the radiation from the 5G towers being harmful to human health, resurfacing on the internet after a silence of over 24 months or so, was not only overwhelming but also ridiculous. To see people actually react to such outlandish theories by setting 5G towers across the UK ablaze as they believed that the towers were the culprit behind the spread of COVID-19. To make matters worse people even claimed that COVID-19 was a coverup against the illness caused by the radiation emitted by the towers. 

Such conspiracy theories may be great to gossip about over a cup of tea but it should be just left at that. Instead of actually believing such ridiculous theories at face value and destroying public property.

Derogatory comments related to Age 

 “It only kills older people or people with underlining health condition; it cannot affect me because I am young” 

Let’s bust this myth, shall we!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed cases where the young and healthy individuals have lost their lives, In the USA, 20 percent of patients are in the age range of 20-40

The COVID-19 affects people of all ages, it may not kill everyone but it does not skip a person just because of their age. And to think that it wouldn’t kill you just because you are young is the most ignorant and self-centered comment I have heard.

This to me was seriously upsetting to hear as we all have elders in our family and most of them have underlining health conditions. So, you as a young person may not die but your carelessness will definitely take the life of another human being, how humane is this?

 If we can’t be sensitive towards others the least we can do is refrain from saying or doing insensitive things that may actually hurt others. 

We must learn to be CIVIL and be more considerate towards others, this is the least we can do to help each other get through these troubled times.

It is the same as any other Flu 

“I don’t care, there are more people dying due to common flu every day”

This is one of the most rhetorical responses I have ever heard as people keep comparing COVID 19 with common flu and other medical conditions. WHO has declared it a pandemic, if it was just normal flu PMs’ and Health personnel wouldn’t put all the resources they have to contain the disease and prevent its spread.

Let’s get this correct COVID-19 may have flu-like symptoms but it is more severe than our seasonal flu and the common cold.

Death is inevitable 

“What is going to be is going to be, I don’t know why you panic so much; we all are going to die one day”

Yes, it’s inevitable and it is called the cycle of life but having said that it’s rather depressing to know when someone else loses their life due to someone’s negligence and would be considered as a crime or act of crime during normal circumstances.

Although death may be inevitable it is everyone’s right to live a full life. The lives that have been lost during the course of this outbreak are undeniably sad and heart-wrenching, to know that so many people for no fault of their own have lost their lives, so many dreams have been crushed.  And at times like these when the whole world is mourning and grieving these losses to actually turn around and say that death is inevitable is not only pathetic but extremely inhumane. 

If we do not take action now the numbers will keep growing if we don’t take immediate action. We must understand the purpose of public isolation and quarantine and need to understand that this is the only way the virus can be stopped from spreading until a better solution can be found. 

Self-treating by taking unprescribed drugs

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen home remedies popping up around the web, from using cloves to ward off the droplets to drinking hot water and drink excessive amounts of alcohol to kill the virus that has entered the body.

All these remedies cannot be backed by facts and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will only damage your liver and leave you hungover and it will not kill the virus inside the body.

Before consuming any kind of drugs, herbal medicines or using homemade remedies it is always good to speak to your doctors. Some remedies like drinking hot lemon with honey will help you soothe your sore throat, but it does not mean it will cure COVID-19. 

Last but not the least, please do not buy or overdose medication without prescription as it may lead to other serious health issues. There have been few unfortunate events where people who have taken matters into their own hands have faced very unpleasant consequences.

So, let us maintain high hygiene levels, use sanitizers to keep your surroundings clean and follow protocol.

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