Iran: Telegram Channel Admins Sentenced to Prison over Water Scarcity Criticism


ICBHR– Islamic Criminal Court in Shahroud, northeast of Iran sentenced four Telegram Channel administrators to a prison term and fine.

The court issued verdict against Mehdi Ameri, Mostafa Sharif, Reza Zolfaghari, and Mohammad Hussein Nademi for alleged criticism over water scarcity in the country.

The convicted administrators were reportedly sentenced to 19 months in prison and fine at Branch 104 of the criminal court because of alleged complaints by the governor.

Water scarcity brought on by both a combination of climate change, and mismanagement, led Iran to suffer from water ration and the nation turned from wetland to wasteland.

Today in Iran, many areas suffer from dehydration, and the regime commits to cut off water as a failed “water ration program.”

Since the past years, governments have tried to put the nation under cruel “water ration” programme, as far as many cities and villages across the country have no drinking water supplying system, and they are being supplied by tanks.

In 2018, the deputy of Department of Environment reported that 18 wetlands totally dried out across Iran.

Some villagers in Sistan and Baluchestan province must supply water from crocodiles’ settlement because they are deprived of water supplying system. Several citizens, including kids, were hunted or injured by crocodiles when they went to get water from ponds.

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