Iran: Morality Police Raid Night Parties to Arrest Youth


ICBHR– At least 111 young men and women have been arrested at a mix-gender night party in Shahriar (about 40 km from the Iranian capital) after Tehran Morality Police raided the private party.
The Islamic agents took the citizens into custody, and seized more than 31 cars. No more information reported yet.

Reports received by rights groups indicate that Tehran Morality Police broke up another private mix-party in the city to catch 15 young people.

Attacking and breaking up private parties are quite rife after the fundamental-Islamists took power in 1979. The regime encourages citizens to spy on each other and report the so-called Moral Code Violations via text message.

The Islamic authorities urging people to report on their neighbors or on strangers for alleged violating Islamic behavior or doing things like removing Islamic headscarf, drinking alcohol, throwing co-ed private parties, or posting content on their personal social media which is supposedly displaying indifference towards strict Islamic laws.

In 2019, the hardliner regime introduced at least 2,000 new morality police units across the country in response to citizens’ Islamic Code refusal.

The regime has placed the entire population – 82 million men and women including youth – under surveillance.

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