Iran: Men Sentenced to Be Flogged After for Alleged Economic Crimes


ICBHR– It was reported today that two Tehran residents were sentenced to receive a total of 148 lashes after being convicted of alleged economic crimes. According to Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, spokesman for the Islamic Regime’s judiciary, an Islamic court that was established to deal with economic crimes sentenced the two men to flogging and imprisonment. Ebrahim Zaboli Pilehroud, who was charged with “disturbing the production system and earning huge profits by illegally selling petrochemicals,” and “bribery,” was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, 74 lashes, permanently banned from government employment, and to have his property confiscated. The other defendant, Navid Mahmoudi, was sentenced to five years imprisonment, 74 lashes, and to also have his property confiscated.

According to judiciary chief of Ardabil, another defendant was convicted by the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court of “not reporting economic violation,” “disturbing the economic system by violating quotas,” and “felony bribe-reception.” He was sentenced to six years imprisonment, 74 lashes, and to have his property confiscated.

As Iran’s economy collapses, the country is inundated with bribery, embezzlement, severe illegal profiteering, and corruption. Most offenders are high- and mid-ranking officials of the Regime who, due to its totalitarian nature, are able to exploit their power for financial gain with, what they assume will be, no consequences.
Every year in Iran, hundreds of people are sentenced to harsh prison terms, lashes, or even death, after being convicted of financial corruption or economic crimes. Most of those convicted, assuming they are guilty, which is not always the case, simply had the bad luck to run afoul of other, more powerful, corrupt officials. In other cases, officials are framed and brought up on corruption charges after disagreeing with the orders of their superiors.
The most corrupt members of the Regime are never charged with anything because, in the institutionalized plutocracy that is the so-called Islamic Republic, the Supreme Leader and aides have the authority to take whatever they want.
Thus, they have become some of the richest men in the world, with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei worth around $200 billion, and all of the other top-tier Islamist leaders being multi-billionaires as well.

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