Iran: At Least 45 Miners Died in the Past Year


ICBHR– At least 45 miners died because of “insecure workplace” across Iran in the past year.

The real death toll is more extensive rather than official statistics claim: Believe experts

Working in Iran’s mines comes at the price of death due to lack of work safety. Iran miners are at risk of death as the death toll in mines accidents- including explosion- on the rise to a peak across the country.

About two million people work directly and indirectly in about 5,400 active mines of Iran. There are 90 active coal mines with about 10,000 workers.

Working in Iran mines is an onerous job and harmful to the health of the miners. The miners fed up with the Islamic regime in Iran over poor safety conditions and delayed (unpaid) wages.

Most countries try to increase confidence through strict enforcement of safety standards, the Iranian regime, however, refuses to provide better working conditions for the labourers, but rather, it also cracks down peaceful-protests with forced expulsion and the cut-off of their income.

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