Iran: Female motocross champion arrested over her faith

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ICBHR: The female motocross champion Shahrzad Nazifi was arrested by security agents in Tehran on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Agents transferred Shahrzad to Tehran Evin prison, according to ICBHR quoted by HRANA. They raid her house after the arrest, and seized her personal belongings, including books, cell phone, and lap top during an inspection which lasted about 5 hours.

Shahrzad Nazifi

She, the women’s motocoss champion and coach, was arrested because of her faith in Baha’i. In recent months, IRI’s authorities have brought pressure upon Baha’I community across the country, which led to arrest dozens of Baha’I citizens.

"Shahrzad Nazifi, her husband Mehrshad Naraghi and their daughter Noora Naraghi are all motocross champions of Iran. Both mother and daughter are pioneers of women’s motocross in the country", says Iran Wire.

Iran judiciary has experienced to lash out heaviest sentences against members of the community.

To release her, TAKE ACTION NOW.

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