Iran continues arrest, harassment of Baha’is

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ICBHR: Security agents arrested Baha’i citizen Sepideh Keshavarz (Rouhani) in a raid at her house in Tehran, on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

The agents seized her personal belongings, including books and cell phone, in the raid at 8am on Tuesday morning and took Sepideh to an unknown location, according to relatives.

Shabnam Iesakhani, the other Baha’I citizen, was arrested on the same day that Sepideh was arrested in Tabriz. Agents went to her house a day before the arrest and inspected the house. She did not return home after being summoned to intelligence office, reported HRANA.

Shabnam was formerly released on July 28, 2014 by security agents after serving 10 days in jail.

At least five Baha’I citizens, identified as Farzad Bahadori, Kambiz Misaghi, Shahriyar Khodapanah, Kheyrollah Bakhshi and Monika Alizadeh, have been arrested by security force in Tabriz during November 17-18, 2018. They were reportedly taken to an unknown location.

Furthermore, Mitra Badrnejad and Farajollah Bangaleh, from the city of Ahvaz, were sentenced to five years in prison each for being Baha’i. They were arrested earlier this year and were released on bail after serving one month in jail.

Across the country, religious minorities are systematically persecuted by IRI’s authorities, as Baha’is, Dervishes, Sunnis, and religion convertors have undergone since 1979.

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