Iran arrests population control activists

Activists who study in population control issues were arrested for alleged infiltrate.

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ICBHR: Iran security services arrested the activists, who allegedly work in population control issues for alleged infiltrate.

The activists, including a dual national citizen, were arrested after being summoned by security agents during a mission cooperated with Judiciary Department.

The dual-national detainee, identified Meymanat Hossieni Chavoshi, is the recearcher and demographer at an Australian university, Persian BBC quoted Iranian news agencies. Ms. Chavoshi chairs the positions as "demography, reproductive health and demographic studies in Iran" as the Australian National University wrote on its website.
She has been deprived of having lawyer, Amad News Daily quoted a judicial lawyer.

They were arrested because of their activities in the field of population control, reported IRGC-run Fars News.

"Birth control plans and population control policies are the western conspiracy, IRI's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes. He has repeatedly called for increasing the popolation.

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