Iran: More Than 370 Poachers and Environmental Offenders Arrested


ICBHR– At least 370 poachers and environmental offenders have reportedly arrested in Qazvin province of Iran in the past year.

“More than 358 people have been arrested in the province for environmental crime cases in the past year”, says the chief of the province’s Environmental Protection Unit.”

The official also announced that at least 114 cases were referred to the court for environmental pollution in the province.

According to Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency, 68 dead bodies of hedgehogs, brown bears, wild goats, wild boars, Red Deer, rams, ewes, rabbits, foxes, wolves, and more than 100 dead bodies of partridges, dull-yellow partridges, Wild Pigeons, Common cuckoos, Northern Lapwings, and Quails were seized in the province. The rangers also seized hunting and [civil] war weapons.

Iran is one of the worst countries where illegal hunting and environmental crimes are on record.

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