Iran: More Than 230 Poachers and Environmental Offenders Arrested


ICBHR– At least 230 poachers and environmental offenders have reportedly arrested across Iran in the recent weeks.

More than 208 people were allegedly arrested for environmental offences in Bushehr province, south of the nation in the past year, according to the governor.

“An environmental offender in west of Iran was arrested for ‘tree cutting and timber harvesting’, ICBHR was informed. The environmental protection agents also seized a vehicle and more than two tons of tree trunks after the arrest of illegal logger.

Several individuals were reportedly identified, and an arrest warrant was given by judiciary authorities against lumberjacks for [illegal] logging, declared the chief of Department of Natural Resources and Watershed in Oshnavieh, northwest of Iran.

Previously, ICBHR reported that “more than 358 people have been arrested in the province for environmental crime cases in the past year”, says the chief of the province’s Environmental Protection Unit.”

Iran is one of the worst countries where illegal hunting and environmental crimes are on record.

Tackling poachers and illegal loggers has now become an issue of public concern in the territory of Persia, where is home to a diverse range of wildlife, from bears and gazelles to Caspian seals and rare snakes.

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