ICHBR Makes It to the Top 45 Human Rights Blog List


The Institute for Capacity Building for Human Rights has been listed in the top 45 human rights blogs and news portals across the world, by Feedpost.

The Top 40 Human Rights Blogs, is the most comprehensive list of blogs that are selected by a panelist of a team of Human Rights defenders, who sift through the submissions that they have received and select only a handful into their list based on the quality of the blogs.

ICHBR, has been recognized for the list because of its in-depth and unbiased news reports from around the globe. 

Founded by a group of activists and specialists in the fields of human rights, civil liberties, correspondent and journalism, ICBHR has been working on raising awareness throughout the Middle East, the Far East, Central Asia, Africa, and South America.  

 ICBHR’s ultimate goal is to effectively support freedom of thought and expression and to elevate civil society through observation and training on women’s, children, workers, guilds (unions) rights, and LGBTQ, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, the environmental activism rights, as well, nonetheless opposes the denial of the right to live such as (execution and stoning).

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