Democracy Requires A Democratic Internet

The Internet Can be Both a Tool for Realizing Human Rights, or for Empowering Dictatorships


ICNHR – It is a long-established fact that the freedom of individuals to seek out accurate and unbiased information is a predicate for a democratic society. The guarantee of freedom of the press is thus coupled with freedom of speech in all major human rights documents, from the American Constitution’s First Amendment and the French Revolution’s Declaration of the Rights of Man to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Dictatorial regimes throughout history have always required a domination over information, through both censorship and the dissemination of propaganda, to maintain their ability to control the thoughts of their subjects. From the medieval papacy’s index of forbidden books, to the Nazi and Soviet state’s well-known information control programs, to the practices of dictatorships in our time, like those of China, North Korea, and Iran, the story has always been the same.

Cartoon by Seyedmeysam Aghaseyedhosseini


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