The Coronavirus: A Pandemic Caused by Dictatorship


ICBHR – The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. The disease’s rapid spread in the first three months of year leads to, as of April 5th, lead to 1.213,869 million becoming infected, and over 65,603 dying, with cases increasing rapidly. The full picture of the virus’s spread isn’t known, however, because some authoritarian governments aren’t disclosing everything that is occurring inside their countries to the world. Yet, it is precisely those authoritarian governments who bear responsibility for the virus’s emergence and ability to become a global pandemic.

As everyone now knows, the Coronavirus first emerged among humans in Wuhan, China, during late 2019, most probably as a result of humans eating bats. Many deadly diseases have popped up in China over the last few decades, but the Chinese Communist regime did little, if anything, to stop the human consumption of exotic animals. When this virus was first noticed by doctors, experts agree that it could have been contained and dealt with had the Chinese regime honestly reported to international healthcare organizations about what was happening in Wuhan, and adopted appropriate measures. Instead, more concerned with preserving its image than people’s lives, the regime allowed the virus to rage throughout China, and spread unchecked to the rest of the world. Journalists and doctors who attempted to report the on-the-ground situation were muzzled, and often detained. Consequently, while China claims that it has conquered the virus and that life there is returning to normal, we cannot be sure of anything. US intelligence analysts have confirmed that the Chinese regime altered data that was being released. According to their official statistics, 81,669 Chinese became ill with Coronavirus, and 3,329 died. Other observers, however, believe that the reality could be far worse. Some go so far to suggest that millions of Chinese may have perished.

Another country that suffered greatly due to an incompetent and uncaring authoritarian regime was Iran, which quickly became the nation with the second-rate of Coronavirus cases, after China. There, the ruling Islamic regime, dependent to a large extent on Chinese economic and technical aid, continue to allow travels to and from China long after other nations had cut off China-bound flights. Not only did this lead to many infections among Iranians, many of whom worked in close contact with Chinese managers of China-Islamic regime joint venture projects, but the Islamic regime, through its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps airline, Mahan Air, became a primary vector for spreading the virus to Europe, and later the United States. Inside Iran, the Islamic regime did little to try to help the infected people, or to control the spread of the disease, but instead concerned itself mostly with suppressing any popular demonstrations against it. The regime refused to accept aid and medical supplies from the United States, and instead promoted superstitions and quack medicines, which often only made more people ill, faster. A media blackout on statistics was imposed, and visiting international health organization personnel saw immediately that the Coronavirus was affecting Iranians much more than what the Islamic regime was admitting. Today, the regime admits to 58,226 cases and 3,603 deaths, but according to documents from Iran’s Ministry of Health that were leaked to exiled Iranian journalists, as of March 30th, the total number of cases was over 250,000, with 16,785 deaths. With the possible exception of China, Iran is the worst-hit nation in the world, with hospitals continuing to report massive shortages of needed equipment and medicines, and the large prison population becoming a possible scene of new infections.

 Of course, the Chinese and Iranian dictatorships have every reason to continue hiding the facts and underreporting what is happening to the people living under their rule. As the United States, their enemy whom they like to blame for all their problems, including even the virus, is the country with the next-highest rate of infections, with 311,637 Coronavirus cases and 8,454 dead on April 5th, the Chinese Communist and Khomeinist Islamic regimes can be expected to use this as they continue their critiques of the US in their international propaganda apparatuses. Already, the Chinese and Iranian state-run media have concocted a conspiracy theory claiming the virus was an American biological weapon, to divert attention from the reality of their own failures to address this crisis.

Totalitarian dictatorial elites, by definition, do not care about the health and well-being of the people they rule over. Citizens of a totalitarian state exist in order to be used as unwilling slaves, enabling the luxurious lifestyles of the elite. Now, as the entire world as paying the price for the Chinese and Khomeinist regimes’ indifference and lack of concern regarding the Coronavirus, it is time for global human rights activists to demand that these regimes be held accountable for the deaths and untold sufferings that they are continuing to cause.

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