Institute of Capacity Building for Human Rights, ICBHR

Visions and Missions:

An organization without any political orientation or state affiliation which has begun its activities in the field of defending human rights and strengthening civil society through human rights training since late 2018.

The purpose of (ICBHR) is to train, observe the situation, cover the news, support and promote realistic perceptions of the human rights situation.

The (ICBHR) is founded by a group of activists and specialists in the fields of human rights, civil liberties, correspondent and journalism, by focusing on the Middle East, the Far East, Central Asia, Africa and South America, with aims and objectives of having an important and effective figure in promoting and strengthening civil society through training, monitoring, support, and news reporting of human rights circumstances.

The (ICBHR) ultimate goal to achieve is to effectively support and coherent conformational degrees of freedom of thought and expression, and elevation of civil society through observation and training on women’s, children, workers, guilds (unions) rights, and LGBTQS, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, the environmental activism rights, as well, nonetheless opposes the denial of the right to live such as (execution and stoning).

The (ICBHR) member’s origin is mainly Middle Eastern countries are governing by autocratic governments, which declares that they have keen mind, strong heart and great will for reinforcing human rights, as it is a prerequisite for doing so.

The (ICBHR) is funded by donations and humanitarian dedications from non-governmental organizations like supporting human rights endowment foundations.

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