IT and Biology for Human Rights

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IT and Biology for Human Rights

Knowledge is power and the best way to educate people is through animations, games, and applications. The Institute of Capacity Building for Human Rights (ICBHR) believes women empowerment as the productive power of human society and children as the future hope, can create a new and effective generation for democratic changes and upholding the human rights of the societies. Empowering citizens, in particular, women, children, LGBT people, ethnic and religious minorities, workers, etc., by teaching them about their biological nature and rights as human by audio, visual, and scripts. The institute of capacity building for human rights (ICBHR) plans to raise awareness of the target societies by educating them about their basic and natural rights and how to deal or react in an undemocratic environment that violates their rights by creating animations, games, and applications in this regard.

In this project we also focus on the asylum and migration issues as one of the greatest humanitarian problems around the globe, and to reduce the extent of the damage to refugees and the host community by empowering the asylum community by producing for them educating animations, games and applications.

In this project, we are also focusing on environmental rights such as water, animals’ issues as well, and planning to provide to our target society, videos, animations, apps and games regarding this field to protect the environment, wildlife and animals.

As the last part of this project, we also planned to Develop computer games and apps using simulations to train our target society on the basics and rules of nonviolent protests authority’s violent struggles.

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