Kaveh Taheri

Founder, Chair of the Board of Directors

Iranian journalist and sociopolitical researcher based in Turkey. Kaveh works on exposing what the mainstream media is often reluctant to do so. Kaveh works on the Middle East issues, especially Iran, while attempting to improve living conditions for refugees awaiting resettlement in Turkey. Kaveh has repeatedly protested against the excruciating life refugees in Turkey experience, covering the subject in numerous articles and news reports. Kaveh has written numerous articles and stories on Iran since fleeing the country. Kaveh was one of the Iranian dissidents who criticized the Iran Deal in 2015.

Sophie Baron

Executive Director, and Editorial Director

Sophie Baron is a New York City-based political analyst, human rights activist, and cultural historian. Born in London of a mixed Iranian and British background, she has been been involved with the Iranian pro-democracy movement for over 15 years. Her writings have appeared on The Free Iranian, The Free Iran Herald, and the Gateway Pundit.

Prabalta Rijal

Deputy Director at ICBHR

Prabalta Rijal worked as a journalist for the past twelve years and she has done extensive reporting on human rights issues around the world specifically in Asia and Africa, she has also handled reporting teams at various levels. She began her career as a volunteer at government-run National English Daily, The Rising Nepal and by the time she left the organization in 2014 she had already been promoted as Desk Editor. She has also worked with The Oslo Times as The Chief International Correspondent.

Salome Orjonia

Consultant. Bachelor of Laws - LLB at Ilia State University

Farnoosh Aghili


Hamid Nasiri

IT Department

Laleh Taheri


MSc, Computer Science Researcher with four years of experience in Knowledge Management and Data Science research. Senior Business Analyst at Solar Farms NY.

Danyal Babayani

Board Member, Iran Desk Manager

Iranian human rights defender, researcher, and former political prisoner in Iran for his activism, who lives currently in Turkey since 2015.

Digvijay Kothari

Senior Contributor

Digvijay Kothari has been part of the corporate world for many years now. He is also a Co-founder of a PR consulting boutique. He is gifted writer, focusing on the current issues and the issues faced by people in corporate world.

Mahmoud Masoumi


The Turkey-based Iranian Human Rights activist, and the former political prisoner in Iran.

Mohammed Ibrahim


Mohammed Ibrahim is a multimedia freelance journalist in Kaduna State, in north-west Nigeria. He graduated from the International Institute of Journalism Abuja and began his journalism career with New Nigerian Newspapers. He started full-time freelance work in 2013 and has published in IRIN news network, The Oslo Times International, Peace News Network New Zealand based, In 2016 he received the Courage in Journalism Award for his investigative reporting, from the Africa Media Development Foundation, and the Developmental and Community Service award from ENACTUS.