Alcohol Poisoning on the Rise in Iran

Cases of “Methanol Poisoning Outbreaks” on the rise to a peak across Iran.


ICBHR– The poisoning toll from alcohol poisoning across 14 provinces (of 31) in Iran rose to more than 1,000.

At least 427 individuals have been reportedly hospitalized in Fars province, and 65 people from alcohol poisoning, says the head of the emergency center. 14 people were allegedly being treated in intensive care wards.

The average ages of victims are 20-40, including under-aged girls and boys.

Khuzestan province recorded the second rank of alcohol poisoning victims. “More than 647 citizens have been poisoned from Methanol Alcohol in the province, and 62 people were killed from alcohol poisoning.

At least 19 people also killed from alcohol poisoning in Ardabil, northern Iran, declared Ardabil University of Medical Sciences.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, rumors and unscientific medical care on how to fight the novel Corona Virus have spread on social media- among them was drinking alcohol.

The victims were insanely convinced that they can tackle the virus through gargling or drinking alcohol.

In recent weeks, some crooks have changed the color of methanol [by Clorox’s Germicidal Bleach], and sold it instead of Ethanol; so, those people who used to consuming ethanol for oral consumption have been victimized by the fake one or industrial alcohol.

“Alcohol is banned in Iran for everyone except for some non-Muslim minorities, however, reports indicate lethal cases of poisoning from bootleg liquor or fake products.”

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