Africa Media Development Foundation calls for the immediate release of Journalist Ibrahimo Abu Mbaruco

By Mohammad Ibrahim


Nigerian Based Africa Media Development Foundation has called on Mozambican authorities to free journalist Ibrahimo Abu Mbaruco. 

The group said it has been ten days since the disappearance of Ibrahimo Abu Mbaruco, in the embattled area of the Northern province of Cabo Delgado. Reports say before his disappearance, he had sent a text message to a colleague about his abduction and harassment by the men in uniform.

 Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF), Kaduna, Nigeria, Programme Officer (Press Freedom) Joy Gadani disclosed in a statement issued to ICBHR. The group explained that Mbaruco, a journalist and a newscaster with Palma Community Radio Station was on his way home from work on the evening of 7th April before he was declared missing. 

The statement added that Cabo Delgado has witnessed a series of civil unrest since October 2017, as a result of a clash between Islamist armed groups with the police. “Abu’s alleged abduction by the military comes amid evidence that Mozambican authorities have continued to harass, intimidate and detain journalists. 

“Africa Media Development Foundation is calling on Mozambican Authorities, for the unconditional release of Ibrahimo Abu Mbaruco, as well as proper investigation and due compensation for the journalist.

“We call on the Mozambican authorities to ensure the safety of journalists in the line of duty, especially as the world is been threatened by the Covid19 pandemic.”.

 Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is a Media Development Organisation that strengthens the media system and provides professional support to journalists in Africa.

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