Iran: Afghan Juvenile Commits Suicide after Being Raped

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ICBHR (Iran)- An Afghan juvenile committed suicide after he was raped in central of Iran, Kashan, according to the relatives.

Hamed Rezai, 12-year-old juvenile, told his friends on Saturday March 2, 2019 that he was raped before the suicide.

“No officials responded to the reported crime”, the Afghan immigrant’s father, Abdolshakour Rezai told BBC.

An Afghan investigation team will be dispatched to Kashan to investigate about the crime’s clue, Afghanistan Embassy’s supervisor, Mr. Najmpour told the family.

“He was kidnapped to an unknown location by a cyclist and raped”, the father quoted classmates.

Hamed was crying when he came back from the crime scene, and told the classmates that he was raped, the father said.

“I will kill myself tonight”, the classmates were told.

The family found his hanged corpse in the basement at night.

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