0900-1700 Hours of Horror

Written by: Digvijay Kothari. Editor: Prabalta Rijal

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“People leave managers not companies”-Didier Elzinga,(Founder & CEO, Culture Amp)

“People don’t leave bad companies they leave bad managers”-Marcus Buckingham,

(Author, motivational speaker and business consultant)

We spend over 8 hours of our day at work and for many of us those eight hours are no less than time spent in hell its self. The horror we face due to bullying and harassment in the work place affects us more than we can ever imagine, and yet this is an extremely common phenomena.

It’s true, many of us don’t leave bad jobs we leave bad managers. In fact according to studies over 50 percent of Americans have been affected by work place bullying atleast once in their lives and the statistics on this issue is no better in other parts of the world.

This leads me to question, why? Why is there so much intolerance at the workplace, especially today as we sprint forward towards a global village? Do we really understand globalization and what a multi-cultural work environment should look like? Do we understand it’s ethics and culture?

What we need to understand here are the globalized working standards for the employees. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to dedicate small piece of work in order to highlight the real meaning of the today’s cooperate work environment.

To begin with it’s important to understand the management’s (roles and responsibilities), I will not be focusing on the hierarchy but will come straight to the point:

First and foremost we need to understand the designation of a manager and why and how an employee is promoted to this post, it can be categorized into two segments:

Time based promotion– It is when an employee is promoted as manager based on the time spent with the organization. This kind of manager needs to learn the process not only by the books but also through everyday practices they need to be quick learners and should be able to able to differentiate between quality over quantity.

Skill based promotion– This is when someone is promoted on the basis of their capabilities and skills, regardless of the time spent with the organization. These managers usually possess inherent decision-making skills, are apt at people management and are able to work under pressure.

If a manager is not able to communicate or manage their subordinates, it raises a big question mark, as organizations expect the following from Managers:

  • Effective and efficient employees
  • Client relationship
  • Process performance
  • Clear and transparent communication

It’s therefore very critical that a manager is capable of clearly understanding and expressing organizational and employee expectations:

Organizational Expectations

  • Profit maximization
  • People management
  • Smooth channel for communication
  • Client building
  • Employee management
  • Creating bridge between depts.

Employee Expectations

  • Stress-free and healthy work environment
  • Better infrastructure to support role and responsibilities
  • Growth opportunities
  • Learning curve
  • Better wages and incentive plans


However, in reality, it isn’t so easy to match these expectations and things start to go horribly wrong. For instance, an employee may get harassed for their ethnicity at various levels,

I have witnessed people of minority voicing out their concern but there have never been positive outcomes in fact they have been fired after that, or are repeatedly bullied until they lose complete interest in work and are burnt out from the experience, which ultimately leads them to give up and quit the job as well as book an appointment with the psychiatrist to deal with the depression they are going through due to the dreadful working conditions.


Such kind of episodes lead to employee dissatisfaction as there is:

  • No growth
  • Monotonous work environment
  • Minimum wages
  • Negative learning curve


Hence entry-mid level employees are mostly unhappy and unsatisfied since they are vulnerable to work place bullies who keep lashing out job termination threats either directly or indirectly.

To my understanding of the subject such misconducts maybe due to loopholes in the hierarchy:

C-level Management (CEO, CFO, Co- founder and HR Managers)

  • Limited or no time for discussions with the employees, in short they really don’t have the time to hear their employees out.
  • If discussions  on problems in the organization are conducted they are very vague and are usually resolved temporarily, especially if the problems revolve around low level workers.



  • Supports and builds up evidence and argument in support of their representatives over their sub-ordinates
  • Issues are always overlooked and ignored
  • There is unfair practice of power and authority
  • Character assassination
  • Mobbing
  • Harassment
  • Monopoly in promotion
  • A lot of Favoritism and Nepotism
  • Giving more responsibilities or promotions to a selected few
  • Unfair selection and appointment process



  • Fair and equal treatment
  • Globalization and a mixed work culture environment certainly means a mutual respect and understanding to one another
  • Frequent surveys need to be conducted to find out the performance of the managers
  • There should be proper investigation, no one should be victimized
  • An anti-harassment mechanism should be put in place to stop and prevent such occurrences
  • Serious offense like mobbing, harassment, discrimination, character assassination should be dealt with strictly not resolved over limited discussion
  • Audits need to be performed to know if employees are aware of their rights
  • Job growth and development opportunities should be equally distributed and not to be limited to just a few. Those who already hold a title don’t need two tittles, promotion needs to be skill based and should open venues for others to step up, this creates a sense of self-worth and a desire to take up more job responsibility.
  • Even when the cases are resolved the company representatives must make an attempt to follow up and make sure that the issues have truly been put to rest and not shoved under the carpet.

Disclaimer: This post does not target any individual or organization and is purely subjected to Academic Research. Please note; this research material is subjected to my knowledge and understanding of the topic, you may have free opinion to agree and disagree with me at any point


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